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4G Services in Jammu & Kashmir
4G Services in Jammu & Kashmir

4G Services: Dream For Jammu & Kashmir People

The Internet has become the necessity of our daily routine. We can’t imagine our day without the internet. Today everything from recharge to admissions is done online. Imagine if someone had to live without internet services, how difficult it would be Especially in the current situation where everything is becoming digital. Internet services are the most important thing. Every country is digitalizing itself. In the current time when the 4g network is a part of everyone’s daily life, there is still a territory that does not have any access to it. Being a resident of Jammu and Kashmir, here I am sharing the issues related to 4G services in Jammu and Kashmir.


J&k has been facing the issue of closure of internet services every year due to some militant attacks. But last year this issue had taken its worst look. Last year the internet services were shut down in J&K on 4th August 20219 due to the removal of Article 370 which gives an important status to J&K. However, access to internet services was given to wifi users.

The government of India has formed Ladakh and J&K into different union territory. There have been no internet services for j&k from last one year. However, the 2G services were restored in December 2019 with some restrictions. All communication and social media platforms were still blocked until March 2020. Although till now there is no restoration of 4g services. J&K administration has said in the supreme court that 4g services will lead to the spread of fake news transfer of some heavy data files that may be used by terror attacks.


Over 200 organizations have written to the government of India to restore the 4g network in j&k in April 2020. The organizations also asked to remove the restriction on 4g data services as a step towards the control of the Covid-19 virus and related healthcare needs.

However, J&K administration in the order issued on March 27 claims that there is no problem faced by the students in accessing online learning and in businesses. Whereas, most students and businesses are arguing about the problem faced in accessing online services due to slow internet services.

Problems faced

Today, when we are moving towards the 5g network, people in J&K are still fighting for 4g services. In such a pandemic when learning has become digital, it is harsh for the students to study. Not only learning but many of the online businesses have been affected due to this shutdown. Most of the online work has been stopped there. Work from home which has become an important part of the crisis has also become a problem for the employees.

When MHRD asked the students to prepare for their JEE exams through the online learning material, most of the students again demanded the restoration of online classes. Not only the students but also one of the professors replied to it that shift to the online mode and reach out to students is a good idea but the content remains inaccessible for students. So, it does not serve any purpose at all.

Not only this, even the Aarogya Setu App that has been mandatory to be installed is also difficult to access due to the slow network connectivity. Most of the students are protesting against the restriction of 4G services in Jammu and Kashmir.

The restricted internet services in the territory have given rise to the installation of Jio fiber and Airtel fiber. It seems like in the world when everything is becoming digital, 4g High internet services have become a dream for J&K. The limitation on the 4g network has not only created the problem in e-learning but have also given the rise in accessing many of the important services.

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