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bored during Quarantine
bored during Quarantine

7 ways to kill your boredom during Quarantine

Missing your college life, chai of Assi Ghat, cold coffee of VT, lecture bunk with your bestie and all those fun which you were used to do in your college life? Well, no one is feeling good after getting stuck in their home for these 21 days. We had a lot of plans to execute, but this sudden novel Coronavirus has disappointed many of us. Not only India but the whole world is suffering from this pandemic disease. We are bounded to stay in our home for our safety and to fight against this virus.

As per the Indian Government, every citizen of India has to follow Lockdown, i.e. stay at their home till 14th April 2020. In this scenario, many of the students are a bit confused about whether, what to do in this span of time!

So, in this article, we are going the provide you the best 7 ways to kill your boredom during this Quarantine.

Here are some ways how college students can utilize this quarantine period in the best way:

1. Explore your hidden skills

Self Doubt

In this competitive world, everyone is dealing with the burdens and deadlines to be taken care of. No one has time to even explore themselves. So why not utilize this time to explore yourself! You might have a dilemma and confusion as to what next?

This is a suitable time to analyze your interests. You might be creative with Graphics designing but till now you don’t have tried it. You might be good at content writing but till now you don’t have managed time to do so.

Some of you may be good at cooking but it might be possible we have never thought to try something. So here is the opportunity!! Try some new dishes, add some innovative things to it and enjoy it with your entire family, making some beautiful memories.


2. Enhance your skills with Online Courses

Online classes

There are many companies and organizations looking for freshers who are skillful rather than the rank holders. In this quarantine, Online courses would be engaging as well as skillful. From memorizing to digital marketing to creative writing, there are various apps and websites providing hundreds of courses that can help you in your career ahead.  It is important as a student to work on skills that are vogue and can be used worldwide. So we can utilize our leisure to gain some benefit. Try some online Foreign language courses, indulge yourself in some digital marketing hacks, try to polish your content writing skills. Everything is available on your 6-inch display.

3. Build your profile

Build your profile

You guys are in your college life and gradually moving towards life’s next big step (jobs/placement) and because of this pandemic disease, Corona, you’ve been spared with a lot of time in your hand. Use this time to review your resume, cover letter and groom your personality as well. If you are weak in your communication skill, just give a try to improve it, if you have a confidence issue, try to find out your loopholes and fix them. It is essential to work on your interview as well as soft skills.

One basic but major stuff we can try during this quarantine, give some time and make a list of your all positive and negative traits on a daily basis. Yes!!! This will help you to know yourself better as well as help to make you a responsible human being as well.

4. Filter Social Media

Social Media

we are living in the 21st century where social networking sites play a crucial role in the life of every person. Even though we don’t know each other but you are reading this article, my dear, this is the power of social media. It helps in maintaining connectivity. In this scenario, how could we ignore social media? You might have above 300 likes and 150 comments on that beer chugging video of yours, but your boss might not possibly be impressed with it. The kind of photos posted on your timeline describing your opinions could be taken seriously as a judgment of your character by the companies. Utilize this time to filter your social media.

You can also use these social media platforms to podcast your writings and creativity. This will help people to know you better and will surely create a positive impression. It will also help you to connect with more number of like-minded peoples.

5. Try Meditation


In the hectic schedule of students, headache is a common issue. Full days, we used to face the noisy horns and crowd of peoples. Practicing meditation will surely connect you with your soul and the universe. It will bring you mental peace and improve your decision making power. Feel your inner waves. Practice the meditation twice a day and experience the change in your life. You could try some books and videos devoted to inner conscience. Yoga practice will not only help you to cope up with this quarantine stress but making it a habit will improve your concentration power and even help you to tackle the stressful situations very calmly and patiently.

6. Connection and Gratification

Video Calling

Approximately 19-20 years of your life, so many people have come and went helping you to be the beautiful person you are now. Remember your tuition teacher of class 10th, your crime partner in school, your cousins with whom you have not made a conversation for a long period of time. So, why wait? This is the time to have a long conversation with them again. Connect with them over virtual coffee on video calls, share some slam books nowadays trending on social media, play some truth and dare games. In short, make some memories with them during this quarantine. You might even move to another city or country in the future, so spend this time with your family over a game of Ludo, cards. Show yourself some gratitude as well. Make this time one of the happiest periods of your life, capture these memories within your heart And yes!! Don’t forget to click selfies with your parents and family member enjoying quality time, portraying the image of happiness.


Last but not least,

7.Relax Chill with your family

Just Chill

Isn’t this the perfect situation to do so?

  • Assignment deadline? No
  • Internals are on the head? No
  • Morning classes? Absolutely no.

Then why worry?

Enjoy some of your pending web series, movies. Give your mind rest and regain your lost energy.

I hope, you find our article interesting. You can share your Quarantine’s experience with us in the comment section below.

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