BHU claims: Gangajal's bacteriophage can end corona
BHU claims: Gangajal's bacteriophage can end corona

BHU claims: Gangajal’s bacteriophage can end corona

Research from the Institute of Medical Science of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in Varanasi has claimed that the bacteriophage present in the Gangajal can be helpful for the treatment of coronavirus. This research finds a place in the forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Microbiology, in preparation for the human trial of the treatment of corona from Ganges water (Gangajal).

A team of doctors, lead by HOD of BHU’s Department of Neurology. Prof. Rameshwar Nath Chaurasia, Neurologist Prof.  V.N. Mishra, surveyed 490 peoples. Pro. V.N. Mishra said that the team found in the initial survey that regular Ganga baths and those who consume Ganga water in some form or the other have no major effect of coronavirus.

As per the sources, the survey was conducted on 273 people who live in the Gange region and regularly take baths in this holy river and consume Gangajal as well. It consisted of peoples of 30-90 age groups. None of them got corona infected.

At the same time, 217 people living within a radius of 50 meters were also included, who did not use Gangajal in any way. Out of this 20 people got corona infected and two of them died.

Bacteriophage spray

As per Prof. Mishra, bacteriophage samples were taken from 17 places including Gomukh, Bulandshahar, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi. It was found that where the Ganges is completely clean, it has the ability to kill other bacteria. Our team has prepared a spray and it can combat the corona.

Our team has sought approval from BHU’s Ethical Committee for clinical trials. We will conduct a clinical trial on 198 peoples. If it is pure Ganges water, there is no question of any side effects. The team included Advocate Arun Gupta, Dr Abhishek Pathak, Dr. Varun Kumar Singh, Dr Anand Kumar, Dr Rajneesh Chaturvedi, research student Nidhi.

Research has been accepted

On September 2, this research has been accepted in the International Journal of Microbiology. It is expected to be published soon. Meanwhile, a proposal has been sent to IMS-BHU for spray treatment. After getting approval from there, a plan has been made for clinical trials on 198 corona patients. Prof. Mishra said that if we get success, you can get corona medicine in the form of spray for only Rs. 10.

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