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Noida Film City
Noida Film City

Celebs Reaction on Noida Film City, Uttar Pradesh

Noida-Greater Noida, known globally as the Education Hub, is going to have another achievement soon. Preparations are being made to make a film city in Noida-Greater Noida or Yamuna Authority area. While filmmakers will have a better option near the national capital Delhi. At the same time, people will also get employment on a large scale. CM Yogi Adityanath has directed the Noida-Greater Noida Authority officials to explore the land to develop the film city.

Bollywood industry has welcomed this decision of UP’s government. Let’s have a look on what various actors, producers and celebs have said about this decision:

Anupam Kher, Actor:  Today is the occasion of celebration. Everyone has faith in Yogi Ji’s ability. UP’s film city will be in UP but the whole world will consider it as their own. Like the Taj Mahal, it should attract the world. Yogi Ji recorded us in history by inviting him to the first meeting of its establishment. If I could be a partner in realizing this dream of Yogi Ji, it would be my good fortune.

Paresh Rawal, Chairman National School of Drama: Very welcome step. Yogi Ji will also fulfil this dream, I am sure. If Yogi Ji makes any effort in writing the film script, it will help a lot. It will also prove to be a revitalizing dimension to regional cinema.

Raju Srivastava, President Uttar Pradesh Film Bandhu: I am happy that CM Yogi Ji has tried to give a new option to the film world. It will give wings to the spirits, dreams of amazing talents of small towns. I will be present at all times, serving with full potential. Thanks to Yogi Ji, greetings.

Manoj Joshi, Actor: Amazing and unique effort. The film city will be the epicentre of the film industry in 12 Indian languages ​​including Punjabi, Bengali, Hindi. Try to make it eco-friendly. Today, stories of the Hindi belt are dominated on the OTT platform. Today 70 percent of the technicians are from Uttar Pradesh. UP is very rich in colour work. This new film city can be very useful in making all these ‘self-reliant’. This will give a new direction to the industrial, tourism development of the state.

Anoop Jalota, singer: It is a very appreciating effort. For this, film cities around the world should be studied. Their strengths, shortcomings should be understood. Facilities should be provided in terms of requirements. This is a significant effort for the world. My best wishes.

Kailash Kher, Singer: Today, when Yogi Ji himself is leading, there is no work that is impossible. Millions of forts are standing in the name of Film City in the world, what have people done in 70 years that they are disgusted, Feel ashamed. Uttar Pradesh is the holy land of the gods. It will guide the world. May this world of yogi Ji nurture Indian culture. Art seekers get respect. It will happen, it is my belief. Rest Yogi Ji order, we are runners.

Satish Kaushik, Producer Director: UP shooting has been a friendly place. I have done a lot of work here. Today is a historic day for the art sector of the whole world. Yogi is giving a new option to the film world. The presentation shown today showed us the image of a better future. You have given a new foundation to us artists. The culture of UP has influenced Indian films from the beginning, now the film city here will affect the whole world. My very best wishes, many thanks to Yogi Ji.

Udit Narayan, playback singer: Yogi Ji has done very beautiful work in a very short time. In such a situation, we are all excited about the announcement of Film City. I have been a part of the film world for 40 years. If I could contribute anything to realize this big dream of Yogi Ji, I would consider life blessed.

Manoj Muntashir, Lyricist: Yogi Ji gave wings to crores of talents. For 75 years the Hindi belt had been waiting for this. The language of UP spread to the world, but the stories of UP were not heard. Yogi Ji is requested to consider the direction of setting up a film institute and music institute. There should be an attempt to introduce the new generation to the great people like Alha Udal, Mahamana Malaviya. Proud moment!

Om Raut, Film Producer: Very brilliant vision. If we can arrange for the training of artists, technicians etc. in this film city, it would be better. The prevalence of films is still very low in UP. N theatres are few. There is a lot of potential for development here. This film city of UP will be the platform for new talent. Heartfelt thanks to Yogi Ji.

Ashok Pandit, President Film Directors Association: The idea of ​​involving the people of the film world in the production of Film City is a symbol of Yogi Adityanath’s positivity. Producers, technicians, actors are the infrastructure of our industry. Involvement of them is a guarantee of success of this large project. Yogi’s vision has been ‘Beyond the Globe’. Surely this film city will also be a reflection of this idea. Our entire industry is ready to fulfil your dream shoulder to shoulder.

Vivek Agnihotri, Film Producer: A tribute to the innovative thinking and prompt execution of Yogi Ji. It is a very important and much-awaited effort. Hindi film industry will get a new foundation. God is with you, sir.

Nitin Desai, Art Director: Salute to Yogi Ji’s vision. The film is not just dancing music. The proposal of UP’s film city is going to attract the international film industry. Uttar Pradesh is the birthplace of the gods. There is a wonderful confluence of religion, culture and art here. This film city will further enrich Uttar Pradesh. We are all ready to help in the possible success of this vision.

Soundarya (daughter of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, filmmaker): There is still no animation industry in India. It has a big impact in today’s films. Yogi Ji, if there is an effort in this direction, then there will be a great convenience. Many thanks to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for announcing the establishment of Film City.

Vijayendra Prasad, Director: Yogi Ji has great potential. They will definitely be able to do the work they have thought. If there is any work worthy of me, I will consider myself lucky.

Vinod Bachchan, Filmmaker: Uttar Pradesh has a dream of film city for decades. Today Yogi Ji has seen that dream. It is now scheduled to be completed. The more the scholars of the film world take the assistance of technicians in its production, the more this project will be successful. I have always represented UP in my films. Just don’t let this dream become UP vs Maharashtra. We are ready to do whatever we can. Now it will catch more speed. One important thing is the lack of a film screen, if Yogi Ji makes some efforts to reach small towns, it will help a lot. It is also important that good cinema should be encouraged.

Shailesh Singh, Producer-Director: James Cameron is making the world’s most expensive film in New Zealand today. We have to understand that the film city is not just about providing services instead of building or sets. It is a culture. If we gave a better atmosphere, culture to people like them, then those people would also come here. The film city should not only become an Uttar Pradesh bus location, but it should develop into a culture. Seeing the power of the UP government, it is also believed to happen.

Here is the highlights of the announcement of the film city in Noida:

  • Film City to be set up in Greater Noida Yamuna Authority Area.
  • CM Yogi Adityanath approved the proposal of Yamuna Authority.
  • Film city proposal on 1000 acres of land in Sector-21 on the side of the expressway.
  • Establishment of World Class Civil and Public Amenities in Film City is proposed.
  • The coming time is for OTT and media streaming.
  • High capacity, world-class data centre will also be established in infotainment zone.
  • Uttar Pradesh is the most important centre of Indian culture, civilization and rich tradition.
  • It will be developed on about 1,000 acres of land in Yamuna Expressway Sector-21.
  • 220 acres will be reserved for commercial activity.
  • Along with the infrastructure required for Film City, they will also develop Film City Park on 35 acres.
  • This area is well connected by rail and road transport.
  • There is a plan to connect it to metro, rapid rail transport system and high-speed train as well.

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