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Bubonic Plague
Bubonic Plague

China Bubonic Plague: All You Need to Know About

Amidst all chaos and uncertainty caused by pandemic COVID-19, a new disease which was once declared epidemic has come into existence with the name of Bubonic Plague. COVID 19, which has already caused a great panic among people all over the world. In such a scenario, the appearance of a new virus compels us to think that now what is going to happen, what about the new disease, what about its medication and cure etc. There are several questions, confusion and doubts have started arising in our mind related to this new disease. But you all need not to worry because here in this article all your doubts, confusion and questions regarding this new disease would be cleared. So just keep scrolling.

What is Bubonic Plague?

First of all, the very important question that strikes in our mind is that, is this disease also as dangerous as COVID-19. Its answer is ’’no’’. This disease is not like COVID-19. The most basic and important difference is that this disease is caused by a bacterium, not by a virus. But yes, it is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium named Yersinia Pestis and have most of the symptoms similar to that of Corona Virus. Moreover, this disease has already occurred several times in the past. Most recently this disease was reported in the year 2017 with almost 600 cases globally. This disease also had large outbreaks in the history, most important and famous was of 14th century when it was named as “Black Death”, which resulted in more than 50 million deaths.

Symptoms of Bubonic Plague

The next thing which arises in our mind is that how can we know that someone is suffering from this disease? So, there are some symptoms. By recognizing them in a person we may suspect him a patient affected with this disease. These symptoms include fever, headache and vomiting. It also includes swollen and painful lymph nodes which occasionally may break open and are known as buboes. Some other symptoms may include heavy breathing, continuous vomiting of blood, aching limbs, coughing and extreme pain caused by the decay. Additional symptoms include extreme fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, lenticular ( black dots scattered throughout the body), delirium, coma and death.


The next most important and concerning question which we all are eager to get answered is the treatment and medication of this disease. Is it curable or not. The answer is’’ Yes’’, it is curable but only if it is detected earlier. It can be treated and prevented from rapidly spreading and turning into an epidemic by the use of high dosage of antibiotics such as Streptomycin, Gentamicin or Doxycycline. People infected with this plague need immediate treatment and should be given antibiotics within 24hours of the first symptom to prevent death.

What is the Cause of this Plague?

The next thing that we think and want to know about is the cause of this disease. So, as stated above that it is a bacterial disease caused by Yersinia Pestis. It is usually spread by fleas. These bugs pick the germs when they bite infected animals like rats, mice, squirrels and others then they pass it by their sting to other human beings and so on, this is how the process continues.

Should we get Worried about this disease?

Obviously, we all are in great stress due to this new disease as we all are already facing one. It compels us more to get worried about this because the cases of this plague are also getting reported from CHINA, the country from where the current pandemic is originated. Yes, it is a concerning issue too but as it has been existing from a very long time and it can be cured by certain antibiotics. So, it is not as dangerous as COVID-19. World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed in its recent report that they are carefully monitoring it and said that it is not at high risk. But as an aware citizen, we all should take precautions without getting panic.

I just hope that now after reading it, you all are now feeling better and all your doubts and confusions have come to an end. Once again, I would like to remind you all that don’t get panic about this. Just continue taking all the precautions that you all are already taking to protect yourself from the pandemic COVID-19. Everything will be fine soon till then take care and stay healthy and safe.

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