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COVID-19 Health Hack: Why it Matters?
COVID-19 Health Hack: Why it Matters?

COVID-19 Health Hack: Why it Matters?

Hey, I know that in this pandemic period of COVID-19, like me almost every one of you is living in the hormones of stress, anxiety and fear. Continuously living such kind of life will just invite more diseases and can lead to depression and other mental disorders. So, to avoid all these situations let us start living with more awareness and with the right information.

Here in this article, I am going to take the initiative to help you all getting the right and effective information and ways to escape from these pathetic situations. I am going to list a number of ways which will help you all to stay fit, healthy and fine not only in this COVID-19 pandemic period but also life-long. So, let’s get started.


The very important thing that nowadays every doctor and physician is recommending us repeatedly is to build our immunity to fight against this COVID-19 pandemic. Definitely, having a strong immune system is very important not only to keep us safe from this pandemic but also from many other diseases too. For the building of immunity, everyone nowadays is adopting his/her own natural or home-made methods. But here I am going to list some of the basic immunity-boosting foods which have been recommended by a certified doctor.

These are as follows-

Drumsticks are one of the best superfood that helps in the boosting of the immune system and acts as a shield for any virus to grow.

Coconut water with lemon

Coconut water is a rich source of antioxidants. Adding half a lemon to it can shoot up the level of vitamin C ten times. (NOTE: Kidney patients should not consume the coconut water. The persons who are taking coconut water should keep in mind that the water taken should be fresh only.)

Garlic, onion and turmeric

These three natural ingredients that are present in every kitchen can help in building the immunity. They kill the bad bacteria that thrive in our body.

Pumpkin Seeds

Having 3 to 4 spoons of pumpkin seeds daily can provide you with all the substantial quantities of nutrients such as healthy fats. Magnesium and zinc. These nutrients are very important and play a vital role in building our immune system stronger.

Red Capsicum

Red capsicum is a rich source of vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C present in the red capsicum is 3 times higher than the amount present in an orange.


Yes! Holistic Wellness, the actual approach to life is the most important thing that we need to focus during this pandemic (COVID-19). Apart from focusing on the illness, this is the approach to emphasize the connection of body, mind and spirit. So, here are some of the ways for our holistic wellness that we should try to keep ourselves fit and healthy.


Just as sanitizers and masks, the outer shield of our body, our thoughts and immunity acts as our inner shield. Every moment express gratitude and vote of thanks to God, other healthcare workers and your friends and relatives for being your backbone and keeping you fit and healthy in this crucial period. This can help in spreading positive vibes around the globe and this spread will be more advantageous than that of the spread of the virus for sure. So, spread love and positivity rather than virus this will give inner satisfaction and peace too.


Yes, the most difficult but most important and effective way to stay fit and calm in this pandemic situation is to avoid every kind of stress. Stress directly affects our immune system so to build our immunity and to stay away from the disease just avoid stress.


Having a sound sleep for at least six hours a day is essential to keep ourselves healthy. Moreover, having a good sleep at night recharges our immune system. From now onwards we should start taking proper rest.


As we already know Yoga and Meditation is a solution for many disorders and diseases. But in this disease (COVID-19) as we are observing the people are having breathing and respiratory issues in common. Doing Pranayam, in particular, can strengthen our respiratory system.


Keeping ourselves clean and maintaining hygiene is the basic need for all of us to stay fit and keep ourselves disease-free. At the same time to fight against this pandemic, it is essential for us to wash our hands at regular intervals of time. We should develop a habit of washing hands in every three to four hours for at least 10-20 seconds.

Right Eating Pattern during COVID-19

Eating healthy and proper food is not enough to stay fit. To eat it in right pattern is important to keep ourselves fit and strong. So here are some of the right eating patterns that we all should follow.

  • COOKED FOOD- We should restrict the number of cooked meals to ONLY TWICE A DAY (Lunch and Dinner). We should include more raw vegetables and fruits in our diet to keep us healthy.
  • EMPTY STOMACH FRUITS- Empty stomach food works as a miracle. They are highly responsible for making the system alkaline and building good health.
  • CUCUMBER AND CARROT- Cucumber and carrot both are very helpful in making our body alkaline. We should have a bowl of carrot and cucumber before lunch and dinner every day.
  • WATER- Water as we already know is very essential for our body. Water not only helps in flushing out the toxins of the body but also maintains the healthy balance of fluids. We should drink at least 2 litres of water every day.
  • NO UNHEALTHY FOOD- We should always avoid unhealthy food in order to keep our body healthy. But during this time of the pandemic, we should strictly avoid all the junk food/dairy/Maida/Non-veg/Deep-fried/ packed food as much as possible.

What to avoid during COVID-19 period?

We have already discussed what we should include in our daily routine to keep ourselves safe from the current COVID-19 situation and free from anxiety. But there are also some things that we should avoid during this period so that we will not come in contact with the deadly virus. Here is the list of few things that we should avoid during this pandemic period.

  • AVOID HANDSHAKES- Yeah! The Indian NAMASTE in this case works the best. We should start adopting this only to promote our Indian culture and tradition and also to stay away from the deadly virus.
  • AVOID CROWDED PLACE- As the spread of this disease is so rapid that we all should avoid going to any crowded place not only for our safety but for the sake of others safety too.
  • AVOID GOING OUT- During such a crucial period it is advisable that we should stay at our home only and invest this time in doing some constructive things instead of going out and put our lives at stake.
  • DON’T PANIC- The most important of all is that DON’T PANIC. Stay away from all such depressing news and information that makes you get panic. Also, avoid reading and passing wrong information that drag you or others into tension.

So, I just hope that this article of mine helped you all in getting a right and correct information of do’s and don’ts in the time of this COVID-19. I also hope that you all are going to include all this in your daily routine and stay healthy.

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