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Dean of Faculty of Arts and Ayurveda
Dean of Faculty of Arts and Ayurveda

Dean of Faculty of Ayurveda and Arts will change from July 1 at BHU


The new Dean of Ayurveda and Faculty of Arts at BHU will take charge from July 1. Professor VP Singh has been appointed as the new Dean in place of Professor Yamini Bhushan Tripathi in Ayurveda Faculty, while in the Faculty of Arts, Projjay Bahadur Singh will be the head of the Faculty instead of Promkali Saraf.

The Vice-Chancellor of Kashi Hindu University, Professor Rakesh Bhatnagar has appointed Professor VP Singh, Department of Medical Chemistry (Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry), Dean of Ayurveda Faculty. Professor VP Singh will have a tenure of three years.

Professor VP Singh will now replace Professor Yamini Bhushan Tripathi. He has long experience of teaching at Kashi Hindu University. He has been teaching at the university since 1984. Professor Singh has done research in Medicinal Chemistry and his research has been published in many reputed papers.

The order has also been issued by BHU on Saturday (27th July). On July 1, the new dean will assume responsibility after the faculty head retires on June 30 in both faculties. Prof. of the Medicinal Chemistry Department in the Faculty of Ayurveda. VP Singh is a teacher in the university since 1984. If you talk about Hindi department then Prof. Vijay Bahadur Singh has got the responsibility of Dean of Faculty of Arts and Chairman of Hindi Department simultaneously. The Faculty of Arts has 24 departments and three centers. Pro. Vijay Bahadur Singh has been a student of BHU and served in Sarnath, Jodhpur, Tibetan Higher Education Institute before his appointment to the university in 1991.

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