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Fabiflu Drug
Fabiflu Drug

Fabiflu: Drug for Treatment of Covid-19 in India

Nowadays we all are in touch with the daily updates of COVID-19 as it has created a great chaos in all over the world with day by day increasing number of cases and total number of deaths due to this pandemic. Amidst such chaos, we look for the updates and progress of vaccines and anti-viral drugs to treat this disease caused by such a deadly virus.  So, recently such a piece of news was there that a drug has been introduced by an Indian company to treat the patients suffering from mild and moderate symptoms of COVID-19. Indeed, all of you will be keen and eager to know more about this anti-viral drug. To know more about it just keep scrolling and get all the possible details regarding this drug.


Recently, a very famous drug company Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has launched an antiviral drug named Fabiflu. This news got viral almost on every news channel, website and almost all social media platforms. There are many such people who have heard and read about the medicine but haven’t get the detailed information regarding this medicine. As we have come to know that various people at different places all over the country, especially in the metropolitan cities, have started visiting the medical stores to purchase this drug because they think that this medicine can save them from this pandemic called COVID-19. Let me clear all the doubts that are rising in your minds.

Most importantly this drug is not a preventive measure or a kind of vaccine for this deadly disease. This drug can be used only to treat the patients who are suffering from very mild or moderate infection of Coronavirus.


You all must be eager to know that from where we can get this drug or will it be available for the normal person or at any normal medical store. So, the answer is definitely ‘’no’’. Any normal person cannot get this medicine as this is a prescription-based medicine. Randomly any person cannot get this medicine from any medical store without prescription and signature of the doctor. But yes, if you need the medicine and have the prescription then you can get in any of the hospitals and retail medical store.



The most important thing is to know about the medicine is its price and dosage. As everybody wants to know the price and dosage so that he/she can prepare himself/herself mentally to afford its cost in case if he or she becomes the victim of this pandemic. The single tablet of Fabiflu costs Rs. 103 and the whole strip is of 34 tablets costing Rs.3500. The full course of the medicine is 200mg  X 9 on day one followed by 200mg X 4 tablets a day for 14 days of the entire treatment. It is an oral drug, unlike Ramdesivir which is an intravenous drug. It is advised to take this drug after prescribed by any certified doctors.


Of course, the very first question that strikes in our mind is that does this drug actually work? If yes then what is the proof and so on. Yes! Obviously, this drug works as it has been clinically tested by the company before launching the medicine. A clinical trial was conducted by the Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. in which 90 mild and 60 moderate COVID-19 patients across the eleven sites in India were given the drug. This drug has shown a great efficiency of over 80% in the treatment of the patients suffering from mild to moderate COVID-19. Moreover, this drug is under the approval process in Egypt and Jordan. It is also a part of the treatment protocol in Russia, Japan and Saudi Arabia.



The most interesting part of this article is here. I personally think that every one of you must be very curious to know how this drug actually works. This drug gets into the cell and inhibits the activity of viral replication to reduce the load of this deadly coronavirus. And obviously it is not a magic drug but it is a great blessing in this time of pandemic I must say as something is better than nothing.

Besides this drug, many other trials are also frequently going on in order to treat such a deadly disease and make the world free from the effects of coronavirus. Along with Glenmark, several other pharmaceutical companies such as Cipla are also going to launch this drug soon so that it can be reached to the larger number of people who are in a great need of this medicine.

What’s the Opinion?

So, in a nutshell, I would like to conclude that surely this drug is like a silver lining for a cloud of this critical and pathetic condition of the people who are suffering from this disease. This drug is really a ray of hope for the doctors, patients, scientists etc. who are continuously working and putting their life at stake in order to fight against this virus. But at the same time, we know that prevention is better than cure so everyone should try to prevent the disease by taking all the possible precautions like maintaining social distance, wearing masks, etc. so that you don’t need this drug.

At last, I would like to request you all to stay safe, calm and healthy and most importantly please share your valuable views with us in the comment section. Also, on a lighter note please don’t take this medicine unless any certified doctor recommends this to you as it can be very harmful too, for our vital body organs and health.

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  1. Dr. Parveen Kumar Sethi

    Useful information during this pandemic period. Nivel written.

  2. Dr. Parveen Kumar Sethi

    Useful information during pandemic period. Nicely written.

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