Friday , October 22 2021
PM Address to Nation
PM Address to Nation

Highlights of PM Address to Nation: Full Explanation

Highlights of PM Address to Nation
  • Announcement of extension of free ration scheme for the poor
  • Fighting poor crisis due to farmers and taxpayers
  • Introduction and expansion of One Nation and one Ration Card

Extension of the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY)

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday.  During that time, he has announced to increase the free ration scheme for the poor till Diwali-Chhath Pooja.  Giving credit to the farmers and taxpayers, the Prime Minister said that you have filled the granary of the country, so today the poor stove is burning.  You have paid taxes honestly, have fulfilled your obligation, so today the poor of the country are able to cope with the crisis.

Modi said that 5 kg of wheat or 5 kg rice will be given 5 kg wheat or 5 kg rice for more than 80 million siblings for these five months. Also, every family will be given 1 kg of 1 kg every month. In the expansion of this scheme, it will cost more than Rs 90 thousand crore.

He said that during the rainy season there is more work in the Agriculture Sector during the rainy season and after that, we have more work. There is a slightly sluggish in other sectors. From July gradually starts to become an atmosphere of festivals. These times of festivals also increases the needs, increases the expenses. Under the Prime Minister Poor Welfare Scheme, the package of Rs. 2 lakh crore was given for the poor. In the last 3 months, Rs. 31 thousand crore was deposited directly in the public accounts of 20 million poor families. More than 9 million farmers have accumulated 18 thousand crore rupees.

 ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ scheme

Modi said that now a ration-card is being arranged for the whole of India, that is, one nation-one ration card.  The biggest benefit of this will be given to those poor colleagues who leave their village and go elsewhere for employment or other requirements.

The Prime Minister said that a ration card will be worked across the country.  Today, if the government is giving ration to everyone, then its credit goes to the farmer, the farmer and the other honest taxpayer.  Modi said that today if the government is able to provide free food grains to the poor, the needy, then the credit goes mainly to the two classes.  Hardworking farmers of our country, our farmers and taxpayers.

The Prime Minister said that keeping in mind all these things, it has been decided that the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana should now be extended till Diwali and Chhath Puja, i.e. by the end of November.  More than 80 crore siblings will be given 5 kg wheat or 5 kg rice free of cost by the government for these five months.  Also, every family will be given 1 kg of gram free every month.  More than 90 thousand crore rupees will be spent in the expansion of this scheme.

Self Care: PM Address to Nation

Inaugurating the address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that while fighting against the corona global epidemic, we are now entering Unlock-2.  We are also entering the season when there is a disease like cold, cold, fever.  I request all my countrymen to take care of themselves.

In the PM address to nation, Narendra Modi mentioned that we all are entering Unlock 2 while fighting Corona.  We are also entering the season where winter fever all goes up.  At this time all countrymen should take care of themselves.  India is in a better position than the countries of the world.  Lockdown has saved the lives of millions.

The Prime Minister said that but we are seeing negligence in Unlock One.  Two yards were more cautious about washing hands, but when it is needed more, it is more cause for concern.  Rules were followed at the time of lockdown.  Governments need to show the same vigilance to the citizens again.  Containment zone will have to be refocused.  Those who are not following the rules have to be stopped.

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