Thursday , September 23 2021
IIT BHU Research: Fluorescent ink will detect fake notes and marksheets
IIT BHU Research: Fluorescent ink will detect fake notes and marksheets

IIT BHU Research: Fluorescent ink will detect fake notes and marksheets

IIT-BHU Research: Banaras Hindu University, a prestigious institution not only in India but also across the world, continuously engaged in research work to develop new and innovative products that has a utility and creates demand. Under the same legacy this time in the IIT-BHU School of Bio-Chemical Engineering Department, fluorescent ink has been prepared from the laboratory-used bio-waste on green chemistry concept, which can be written on paper, but not visible.  To read a letter written with this intelligence ink, UV (Ultra Violet) light is required. It can be used in intelligence pens, espionage, banknote check, tagging of items and testing of certificates.  If a mark of this ink is placed on a note or certificate, fraud can be easily prevented.

Dr Vishal Mishra, Chemical scientist of the department, and under his guidance, young scientist Anadi Gupta have copyrighted this research. Also, the prestigious Chemical Education Journal ACS has also approved to publish it. Dr Vishal Mishra said that after research work in our laboratory, this ink has been made from the remaining organic remains. In fact, a large amount of waste material is wasted every month in the department, whose value is estimated to be around 8-10 thousand rupees. Our environment has to suffer a lot from these waste materials, so the concept of green chemistry is being introduced by making ink. Dr Mishra also mentioned that the letter written with this ink is visible after exposure to some light of UV light instead of daylight. This can also be seen with a four-watt battery-powered UV light at a very low cost. They reported that powder-like neutral media is the food of bacteria, which is used during research.

If proper marketing and awareness will be done, the ink can be proved as a great asset for society as it will restrict fraudulent activities. The magical ink will help in tracing the fake certificates, documents, it will also help in spotting corruption as money of it can be easily reconnoitred by agencies. But this all is prediction, let’s see in future how much success the product gains and to which extent it is used.

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