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Education System During COVID-19
Education System During COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 on Education System

Today, the world is suffering from one of the biggest public health risks. COVID 19, the current global pandemic which not only affects the health of the public but is also affecting many other fields like education, business, jobs. Every country be it America Australia China or India, is suffering from such pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic has also affected the education system globally.

This has worldwide, lead to the entire closure of schools, universities, and colleges. In most of the countries (around 100 countries) temporarily closed. Educational institutions are temporarily shut down to prevent COVID-19. The closure of educational institutions has to lead to switch towards online teaching. Most of the schools, colleges, and universities are now providing their services online. Education just not only includes schools, colleges, students, and teachers but involves a wide range of different areas. The impact of this crisis has affected every aspect that includes in the education system.


Role of Teachers

Teachers are trying their best to help the students. They are providing the study material from time to time. They are keeping online interactive sessions to clear student’s doubts. Online assessments are taking place to keep a check on the understanding of the students. Teachers are also keeping meetings with their parents to help the student and provide proper guidance. Some of the faculty are also helping the students by providing them with knowledge of different online learning courses.



Primary wing school students are mostly enjoying this time. They are happy as now. They don’t need to wake up early in the morning to go to the schools. The students are relaxed and chilled. But the students who are enrolled in higher studies need to attend their online cases. Some students are using this as an opportunity to learn with fewer burdens. They need to prepare for their online assessments. Mostly, the students are involving in e-Learning. There are many different apps which are been used by the students to learn some good and new skills.



Parents are the ones who help their children throughout their lives. They are helping students in their studies. Homeschooling is one of the best ways to guide their children. Despite facing financial problems by the parents, some private schools are continuously asking for fees. The schools are providing digital teaching and for that. They are not only asking for tuition fees but also some other fees like admission fees. During such financial crises where some of the parents have lost their jobs The problem of paying the fees has been increased.



Many of this year’s university graduate’s career may get affected by the current pandemic. There is a major interruption between their final parts of studies. The graduates are facing major problems in their assessments and final projects.


Global shut down of schools, colleges and universities have not only to affect teaching for students but also have to lead to postponing or cancellation of the exams. In many universities and colleges, the traditional exam pattern is changing with the online assessment. This has been a fresh area for both the students and the teachers. Online assessments may result in cheating by students. This will also lead to an increase in the measurement error than usual.

Competitive exams

The dates of registration for the competitive exams have been extended as the students are facing problems in filling the online forms. This indeed has given the students a lot of time to prepare themselves for their exams. Dates for conducting these exams are also not ensured. These dates have been revised again and again due to this lockdown.

e-Learning: Modern Solution

E-learning is a more exciting and interactive option when compared with classroom learning. The crises have increased the importance of E-Learning. Many of the students are experiencing the virtual classroom by different E-Learning apps. Different Edu-tech companies are trying in their ways to help students for learning. Many of the firms have provided free online courses to help the students in such difficult times. Some of the firms are helping students by providing some kind of discount on their online courses.

New Revolution

The biggest impact of such a pandemic is that it has lead to a complete revolution in the way we learn. Each student is getting to get in touch with a world-class education, which is not imparted in the traditional teaching in a classroom. This new revolutionized learning is more interactive, interesting informative and enjoyable. The new method of learning not only helps to gain knowledge but also helps the students to enhance their skills. Some online courses also involve the practice questions for the students which helps them to actively take part in it. A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online course that aims in unrestrained participation and opens assessments via the web. Recently the use of such courses has been increased.

(MOOC) can be very useful for the students as well as elders who want to learn some new subject but are not able to. It provides a lot of opportunities to benefit high-quality learning to users.

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