Mushroom Building of RGSC BHU

Mushroom Building
Mushroom Building

Mushroom building is the main building of Ayurvedic pharmacy in RGSC BHU which was constructed in 2006 with starting of course B.pharma (ay.) In south campus of BHU. as mushroom shape umbrella give shade to the people below it. All the ayurvedic pharmacy practical are done in the premises of mushroom building. In starting of ayurvedic pharmacy course in the RGSC, it was the only building for practical labs of pharmacy but after construction of Naveen pharmacy, this building contain 4 practical labs of the pharmacy. This building have Wi-Fi facility and there is a staff room in the mushroom building for teacher’s so that students can contact with teachers at any time in mushroom building between 10am- 5pm. On ground floor there is lab of pharmaceutical technology and Rasashastra and Bhaisajya Kalpana while on the 1st floor there is lab for biochemical analysis , pharmaceutical chemistry and physical pharmacy.
All the students of B.Pharma (ay.) And M.Pharma(ay.) gain their practical knowledge in mushroom building in their practical classes. Theses work and animal experiments of M.pharma students also done in the mushroom building under the supervision of professor’s. Two lab attendant are always their in the mushroom building who help students for their practical works. There is a notice board on ground floor from where students can get all the important
information and updates regarding the campus and the course.

Labs of mushroom building

As this campus is present in lap of nature there are many herbs and plant drugs are present naturally. it is more beneficial to pharma students as they get raw plant drugs more easily for their practical. Along with raw drugs there is requirements of various equipment for the practical in the ayurvedic pharmacy. In Mushroom building there are total of 4 lab well equipped with all basic requirements such as chemicals and drugs.

Practical lab for Rasashastra and Bhaisajya Kalpana –
In this lab all the equipment’s are present such as electric furnace, kanch kupi, khalva yantra etc. Which are required for the practical. All the rasa drugs such as parad , upras , maharas, etc. also present in this lab so that student can identify the drugs and can get proper practical knowledge.
There are many formulation prepared in this lab by the students such as Rasa sindur, chawanpras, kajjali, panchgun oil.

All the practical are done under the supervision of the Rasa Shastra professor Dr.SHILPA PATIL ma’am Who provide all the knowledge and information regarding the subject and the practical. Practical lab for pharmaceutical technology. In this lab students learn about the use of modern techniques in ayurvedic pharmacy and learn the use of modern equipment’s in pharmaceutical industry.

This lab contains required equipment’s like:

Single Tablet punching machine
Multiple tablet punching machine
Capsule filling machine
Packaging machine

By using this equipment students learn about formation of different type of doses form by using Ayurvedic drugs. All the practical’s are done in this lab under the supervision of professor Dr AJAY MAURYA sir who give all instruction regarding practical and the subject.
Some formulation prepared in this lab are
Anti-fungal cream , aspirin tablet, toothpaste, shampoo, hand wash, cough syrups etc. Practical lab for Biochemical analysis and pharmaceutical chemistry – This lab is commonly known as QC(Quality Check) lab, because in this lab students learn about the quality check and standardization of drug and formulation.

Equipment present in lab:

U/V spectrophotometer
NMR Instrument
Tablet disintegration machine
Dissolution machine
Hardness tester
Oven and freezer
Distillation unit etc.

Along with all these instruments all the chemical which are required for practical are present in lab.
In this lab students gain their practical knowledge regarding different perimeter and evaluation of drugs and formulation . students also learn about extraction and separation of the different components present in plant drugs.
All practical are carried out under the supervision of professor Dr. M.K. NANDI sir who provide knowledge regarding the subject and use of practical knowledge in pharmaceutical industry which help the students to getting better job opportunity in QA and QC department of any pharmaceutical company.
Along with all these practical labs mushroom building also contains all the anatomical model of human body for study of human anatomy.

  • By- Pooja Pandey , Arunima Dixit ( B.Pharma , 3rd year)


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