National Doctor's Day
National Doctor's Day

National Doctor’s Day: History, Theme and more!

“The presence of a doctor is the beginning of a cure.” Yes! Doctors the greatest blessing to us after our parents without whom it would be impossible for all of us to survive in the world full of different diseases. So, to celebrate their presence and importance a special day is observed every year. Every year on July 01 Doctor’s Day is celebrated to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of doctors to our society. It is a way to express our gratitude towards their dedicated service. So, here in this article of mine I am going to tell you everything about this day.


As everyday has its own history, this day has its too. This day is commemorated in the memory of legendary physician and the first chief minister of West Bengal Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. The most interesting fact is that he was born and died on the same date i.e. 1st July. He was born in the year 1882 and died exactly after 80 years in the year 1962 on the same date 1st July. He was also honoured with the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna on 4th February 1961. Besides, a great doctor he was also an educationist and a freedom fighter. He joined Mahatma Gandhi in the Civil Disobedience Movement. To honour his valuable deeds, the National Doctor’s day is celebrated.


This day was established by the Government of India in 1991 to recognize and celebrate as National Doctor’s Day every year on July 01. India has shown a remarkable improvement in the field of medical sciences in recent days and we can’t ignore the roles of our doctors in this field. So, to celebrate the achievements and efforts of the doctors who work hard continuously day and night for the sake of saving our lives this day is celebrated.

It is an attempt to show our respect and express our gratitude towards their valuable efforts. This year this day has its unique and great significance because of the pandemic COVID 19  as our doctors along with their team are working 24 X 7 keeping their life at stake. A great campaign started by the government to aware the whole country about the great deeds of the doctors and their importance during this pandemic.


Every year there is a particular theme in order to celebrate this day. Last year the theme was ‘Zero Tolerance to Violence Against Doctors and Clinical Establishment’.  This year the theme is ‘Lessen the mortality of COVID-19’keeping in mind the scenario of present situation. Every year the theme is decided by Indian Medical Association. The theme is decided keeping in mind the larger scale issue related to medical fields and the professionals and doctors.


This day has given us a great opportunity to express our heartful thanks to the doctors who are working without any break to save our lives. The best thing that we can offer to them on this special day is our prayers  as they need a lot of blessings during such a crucial period of pandemic. Moreover, we can share their efforts and applaud their work on our various social media platforms to make people aware who don’t know about their sacrifices. We can also express our solidarity with their families so they don’t feel lonely. This day has given us a chance to prove that ‘’we are together in this crucial period of pandemic’’ they are not alone we all are with them in the fight against this deadly  Corona virus.

Also, various programmes including conference,  symposiums, workshops, etc. are organized every year on this day by several organizations to celebrate this day and this year too it will be celebrated with same or even more enthusiasm. Keeping in view the norms of social distancing we can conduct online webinars and workshops to discuss in detail the efforts of our doctors and their role in making our society healthier and safer from all kinds of diseases.

So, I just hope that you all liked reading this article. It is my humble request to you all that not only on this day but also everyday at least once pray for our doctors and their families. As blessings are the best gift which we can give them during this crucial period. So please shower your blessings on them and take care of yourself as it is also very important for the doctors too. Don’t forget to share your experiences and valuable views with us.

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