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National Unemployment Day: All You Need to Know About
National Unemployment Day: All You Need to Know About

National Unemployment Day: All You Need to Know About

September 17 is Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s birthday as he turns 70 today. On the other hand, youth on Twitter have marked September 17 as National Unemployment Day and the trend has gone viral.

On the occasion of PM Narendra Modi’s birthday, the week-long celebrations on the name of ‘Sewa Saptah’ were launched by BJP from 14-20 September. But in respect of the current scenario, Seva Saptah is suppressed by National Unemployment Day which is a negative aspect of ruling party. Whereas opposition got a strong point to troll them and making them realize the situation of youth and their problems.

How is National Unemployment Day associated with PM Modi’s birthday?

The hashtag #NationalUnemploymentDay as a protest against the high unemployment rate in the country and highlight PM Modi’s failure to generate jobs and provide employment, which was promised by him during elections.

According to the National Statistics Office (NSO) report, India’s GDP grew 23.9% in the April-June quarter, the first contraction in more than 40 years. The possibility of increasing the number of unemployed is not only because people are failing to find jobs, but also because many employed people are likely to lose their jobs, because of the lockdown imposed due to COVID-19. And the youth is advocating that if individuals who are already engaged in their jobs from last several years and having experience are getting fired then where would be the existence of freshers. Observing the current situation of the country it seems next to impossible, generating such huge job opportunities for unemployed people.

The youth of India are demanding improvement in SSC and other recruitment processes to make them more transparent and unbiased. Throughout the week, the youth tried to state their issues and problems on Twitter so that their concern reaches to authorities and solutions of it can be generated.

This week was also celebrated as the National Unemployed Week and will conclude today i.e. 17 September. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has targeted the Center on the rising unemployment rate in India amid economic crisis and said that the youth will celebrate ‘National Unemployment Day’ on Thursday 17 September.

Have a look on the reaction of youths:

In a tweet, Rahul Gandhi said, “Massive unemployment has forced the youth to call #NationalUnemploymentDay today. There is dignity of employment. How long will the government reject it? “

Earlier in another tweet, Rahul Gandhi on Thursday extended his wishes for the Prime Minister aged 70.

Talking about the issue of unemployment, Rahul Gandhi also tagged a Hindi news report on how over 1 crore Indians are seeking jobs, while only 1.77 lakh jobs are available in the states.

Rahul Gandhi is leading the Congress attack on the Modi government on a range of issues including unemployment, dealing with the coronavirus crisis, deadlock between India and China and other serious issues prevailing in the country. Other leaders of the leading party has also taken this as a burning trend and condemn ruling party for the same. GDP of the country has fallen down, the intense situation on borders with China and Pakistan, trial of vaccination for COVID-19, health of country, etc are some terrible problems that central government is dealing with.

Government’s Initiative

Though the central government is working on employment issues and took measures too like introduction of New Education Policy (NEP), the establishment of National Recruitment Agencies (NRA) for conducting Common Eligibility Test (CET) which will cover SSC, Railway, Banking and other examination and provide a single platform for competitive exams in public as well as private sectors. Providing a suitable environment for setting up for industries, giving loan, subsidies, and library for growth of trade and commerce is also made. These are the crucial steps in the interest of youth but these initiatives would take time to implement and changes of it can be seen on the ground over a period of time.

The present Government emphasizes on self-reliant and self-dependent India which means instead of seeking job youth should provide job by setting up industries and startups. Individual should be less dependent on the government for the generation of job, they should create a job of their own which will primarily benefit them and development of the country as a whole can be made.

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