Thursday , September 23 2021
Lockdown Guidelines
Lockdown Guidelines

New Guidelines for Central Government Departments: Read Here

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Fresh guidelines have been issued to stop the spread of Covid-19 after several officials came to Corona positive in various departments of the central government.

New Delhi:

After several officials came to Corona positive in various departments of the Central Government, the Government of India has issued new guidelines for Central Government officials and employees to stop the spread of Covid-19. This advisory has been issued by the Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances.

According to the advisory, cases of Covid-19 are increasing rapidly in the country. Officials of several central government ministries have been found to be Corona positive. Those who have lost their lives from this epidemic. Hence everyone needs to follow the protocol.

Fresh Guidelines

  1. It has been said in the guidelines that only asymptomatic workers will be allowed to enter the office. If someone has a cold, cough or fever, they need to stay at home.
  2. The officers or personnel who are in the Containment Zone do not have to leave, they will work from home.
  3. Will work according to the roster. No more than 20 employees will come to the office in a day, the rest will work from home.
  4. Secretary and Deputy Secretary will come to the office as an alternate by maintaining social distancing.
  5. No more than two workers will come to the office. Follow the time taken back and forth, not more than 20 people will gather in the office at one time. During this time, windows should be kept open as much as possible for proper ventilation.
  6. Always wear face mask and face shield inside the office, failing which action will be taken.
  7. Used masks and gloves should be put in yellow bio-dustbin. Action will be taken on putting in the normal dustbin in the open.
  8. Avoid meeting and talking face to face as much as possible. Have to talk by phone or video calling.
  9. Video calling should be arranged in the respective officers’ rooms.
  10. To prevent the spread of infection, it is necessary to wash hands every half an hour. Hand sanitizers should be kept in the corridor of the office.
  11. Electric switches, door handles, handrails, etc. of office should be cleaned continuously with one per cent hypochlorite every hour and staff also keep disinfecting their computer, mouse, phone, remote baggage.
  12. While working, keep a distance of one meter. Norms of social distancing should be followed even where the chairs of the visitors are installed.
  13. All officers/personnel have to follow it. Everyone’s cooperation is necessary to prevent the spread of infection.

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