Outrage on BFA entrance exam in BHU, students protest
Outrage on BFA entrance exam in BHU, students protest

Outrage on BFA entrance exam in BHU, students protest

Outside BHU’s central office, on Wednesday, students sat on a dharna for the BHU BFA entrance exam. The students alleged that the BHU teachers gave more number to their close relatives and passed them in practical entrance examination. The students demanded to conduct the open examination again or to re-check the copies of the top 50 rank holders. With no hearing on the Faculty of Visual Arts, Examination Controller Office, students started a sit-in at the Central Office and start protesting against this issue. Students say that the strike will continue until written assurances are given to meet our demands.

Demands of Candidates

Recently, there was written and then practical examination for admission to Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in BHU. Students say that the marks of two practical exams are 360-360 and these should be mentioned separately, but the result of the entire 720 marks has been declared on the website as a whole. When the cut marks were released, it was found that the people in the top 10, do not even know how to draw the circles properly which created a sense of conflict.

The students demanded that the copies be re-examined and counselling process should be postponed. Students also demanded to continue the picket until written assurances related to the demands.

According to the students, some students have been rigged to give admission and access has been given by taking money. Candidates have informed the university administration and the Vice-Chancellor through a letter. On Tuesday, dozens of students reached the university to protest against the lack of positive response. The candidates first raised their voice at the Faculty of Visual Arts. From there, they were asked to go to the Examination Office. When the students reached the examinations office, no officer was ready to meet and even talk to them. On this, students started protesting outside the central office. The memorandum has been taken after a long time but the students are not satisfied with it.

Aspirants advocated that those who scored 130 out of 150 in written examination at the same time they have only been awarded around 100 out of 720 in the practical examination which is totally unacceptable for those who prepared hard for it. Candidates identified with some professors are discriminated and given excessive marks who have either close-relation or take a kind of bribe from them.

This allegation has been putting from a very long but this is for the first time that students are united and raising their voices loud against wrong happening inside on such a large level. Though protest is taking place extensively but no one is taking any active interest on this issue. Candidates are not entertained at any platform and no redressal is made to them, so this creates dissent among aspirants.

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