Sunday , October 24 2021
Remove China App
Remove China App

‘Remove China App ‘ got removed from Playstore

Google Play Store has removed ‘Remove China Apps’ with more than 5 million downloads. Angry Indian users are raising questions on Google itself.

Firstly, “Mitron” and then “Remove China App“, we all are searching for the main reasons why the app got removed? Was it only privacy policy concern or anything else? Before going deep into the conversation about the reasons for the removal. Let us first discuss when, how, and what’s the reason for initiating the app.

Recently, the Google Play Store has removed Remove China Apps, which became very popular. This app worked to uninstall the apps developed in China from smartphones. After removing it from the Play Store, a large number of Indian users have expressed their anger. On Twitter, users are demanding that Google’s decision to bring the app back, denying Google’s decision. The Remove China app was launched a few days ago. In a short time, this app got more than 50 lakh downloads.

Why it was so popular?

This app was made by One Touch AppLabs of Jaipur company. This app reached the first position by joining the top-10 apps of Google Play Store. The reason for this app being popular is the ongoing conflict between India and China. These days, a number of campaigns are going on to boycott Chinese products. Meanwhile, suddenly the Remove China Apps app was considered as a weapon against China and a large number of Indians started downloading.

Due to the removal of this app from the Play Store, users are questioning Google itself. Many users have accused Google of favoring China.

Users allege that the Play Store first removed 8 million negative reviews from Tik Tok’s rating of 1.2 to 4.4 and has now removed the Remove China apps. Isn’t this partisan behavior.

You also read the response of Indian users-

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