Role of Technology in our daily life

In the 21st century, Technology is playing an essential role in the development of not only a single country but also of the whole world. Nowadays, technology directly or indirectly has become a basic need of everyone’s life. World without technology seems to be incomplete and even can’t be imagined. It has now become a priority of all the persons.

In today’s era Technology is affecting almost everything we do today. Even our future plans are also influenced by it. It has made our life even more convenient and easy-going than it was for our ancestors. Most importantly, in the recent few years, it has received a great stride in three areas particularly in the Health sector, Entertainment sector, and in the field of high-tech equipment.



Technology is playing a great role in the field of health care. It has a massive impact on nearly all processes and practices of healthcare professionals. It has made the treatments easier and more accessible. The new equipment in this sector is playing an important role to save the lives of more and more human beings suffering from deadly diseases. Lab testing one of the parts of technology is a major development in this sector as the disease is diagnosed more easily and hence can be treated very easily and in a limited time.

The most important and beneficial is the digitalization of the patient’s medical record. It has not only reduced the workload of the medical staff but also of the patients as they can get all their medical history in a single click. Also, the medication of some of the diseases which were not at all possible in recent years is now getting available very easily.



The most glamorous and trending field is entertainment and, in this field, technology is creating great changes with each passing day. From black and white to HD colored movies, from mono sound system to digital stereo sound system, from TV serials to Web series, etc. everything is completely changed. With the emergence of innovations, ways of being entertained have been highly optimized. The latest technology has revolutionized daily entertainment.



Nowadays our life has become even more easy-going than it was before. Also, it is becoming easier with each passing day with the development of new high-tech equipment. From keypad to android mobile phones, from 2G to 4G, from desktops to I-pads, etc. everything is getting more developed and easier to access, making our lives comfortable.


Other than the above three there are several other fields in which technology is playing an important role. One of the most important field is education. Technology has enhanced the facilities of education as we can see during this crucial period education is also suffering a lot. Technology enables students to complete their studies from home. From e-resources to online lectures, all these stuffs are drastically changing the way of learning in the modern era.

It is also playing a great role in employment as day by day industrialization is increasing, hence creating a number of employments for the workers. The agriculture sector is also getting benefitted from the technology. Farmers are using new techniques for irrigation and new fertilizers which is making their work easier. Almost every sector is influenced by the technology in a positive way.


As we know, each coin has two faces, in the same way technology has also some of its demerits. It is making the lives easier for the people who are able to afford the high-tech equipment but even worse for those who are deprived of all these resources.

Directly or indirectly, it is also destroying the nature and wildlife of the planet. Due to the increase in the use of technology, pollution, global warming, ozone layer depletion, etc. is getting increased day by day. Moreover, some use it as a weapon to take revenge or create a mess in the society. Recently there was an incident of “Bois Locker Room” which is a perfect example of how people make the misuse of technology.


“Technology is a good servant but a bad master.” No doubt, it is making our life easier and convenient to live but we cannot deny the fact that knowingly and unknowingly it is also affecting the life of the majority of peoples.

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    Ya, definitely we can’t ignore the role of technology in our lives. Well composed article !

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    At present time without technology life without breath./water etc… We can’t even imagine the world and now it’s time to update our technology…day to day… Excellent information 👍

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