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Special Courses Fees Should be Waived
Special Courses Fees Should be Waived

Special Courses Fees Should be Waived, Students Demands

Banaras Hindu University (BHU): Students of Banaras Hindu University on Monday protested against the waiver of fees of special courses running in Main Campus as well as the South Campus of BHU. Also demanded to waive the fees in the COVID-19 era. Students said that BHU and several courses in the Rajiv Gandhi South Campus charge higher fees than usual. For these special courses, students need to pay around 50 thousands to 1 lakhs of rupees per year.

As per the students, “Many of the students studying in these courses come from poor sections and their parents are unable to bear such huge amount due to Corona epidemic”.

University administration should take this issue seriously by adopting a human attitude and not to deprive students of education because of their fees. They should be given a fees waiver up to a limit. Students have warned of an agitation if the fees are not waived.

What’s the issue?

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, everyone was locked and so is the students, their academics, practicals, co-curricular, sports suffered a lot. Though school, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions were trying best to cope up with the situation and bring the best of services so that students can engage themselves during the lockdown and do something productive. But the situation was not the same with everyone as many of the students lack proper internet connectivity, issue of availability of smartphones were major concerns and not everyone was familiar with the digital form of education.

In this regard and following the trend, Banaras Hindu University tried to deliver the lectures and classes through digital forms like Google Classroom and Hangout Meet apps but it doesn’t seem to be successful as the majority of students were unable to attend those lectures due to lack of resources.

Students Demands

  • Since no proper classes took place from around last 6 months, so no fees should be charged.
  • Neither syllabus is complete not students have utilized the services provided by University.
  • The financial conditions of the family has gone worse due to pandemic.
  • Fess of special course range between 50,000 to 1 lakh which is a huge amount to deposit for poor students in this pandemic.
  • Floods in Bihar, North East and other states have added more difficulties.

Administration Opinion

  • Classes were running virtually and regularly so it will be counted as normal running of classes.
  • Students have received study materials and notes as they were getting earlier.
  • For evaluation, teachers have given assignments and projects, and students have submitted them.
  • This environment is to be considered as new normal and these things will take place in further too.
  • Until and unless students would not deposit dues/fees neither results would not be declared nor degrees will be issued.

Letter to VC by students

Students arrived at BHU Vice Chancellor’s residence to give memorandum about their demand.

Letter to Vice-Chancellor of BHU

On Monday, the students assigned a memorandum to Vice-Chancellor Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar of Banaras Hindu University.

Students have warned of an agitation if the fees are not waived

The special course fees charged by the university are either forgiven or some concession should be given in it. Students demanded that the earliest university administration should issue instructions that the students’ fees are in the name of the special course, is forgiven. Students have warned that if this fee is not forgiven then the student will be forced to go on the path of movement. Students demanded that the university administration will fulfill our demand as soon as possible otherwise they will start a movement for the same.

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