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Teacher Day
Teacher Day

Teachers Day 2020: History, Celebration & more

Education is one of the most important tool to be successful in life in which teachers play the most crucial role in creating and shaping the future of the country and the lives of the youth. Gurus have been a major contributor to our life since ancient times. One can reach the pinnacle of success only with the knowledge and guidance received from the teachers. Teacher’s day is celebrated with enthusiasm in all over the country. On this day, teachers are honored.  Do you know why it is celebrated on 5 September?

Go through this article and you will find all the related details.

When Teachers’ Day is celebrated in different countries ?

  • Every year teacher’s day is celebrated on 5 September in India.
  •  It is celebrated on the Tuesday of the first week of May in the United States.
  •  In Thailand, it is observed on 16 January every year.
  •  This day is celebrated on 2nd of  May in Iran.
  •  In Turkey, Celebration is held on 24 November.
  •  In Malaysia it is called “Hari Guru” and celebrated on 16 May.
  •  In Russia (Russia), the first Sunday of October was celebrated as Teachers’ Day from 1965 to 1994.  After the declaration of World Teachers ‘Day by UNESCO in the year 1994, this day started being celebrated on 5 October.
  • In China it is observed on 10 September.

Why Teachers Day is celebrated?

On September 5, Teacher’s Day is celebrated in the memory of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s and on the same day his birthday is celebrated. He was a great teacher as well as the first Vice President of India and the second President of our country.

Guru has an important place in everyone’s life

Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was a great philosopher and teacher and he had a lot of attachment in the field of education, so on the auspicious day across India, the award is given to students who have excellent records in the field of education. It is said that without teacher one can not move on the right paths and without them there is no meaning of the life. The teachers is one who make the students a good man and paved them on right way.

There is interesting story behind the celebration of day that once some of Radha Krishnan’s disciples thought of celebrating his birthday together.  When they reached him for permission of same, Radhakrishnan said that instead of celebrating my birthday separately, I would be proud if the day would be celebrate as “Teachers’ Day”. Since then, the day of September 5 has been celebrated as Teachers’ Day.

Let us tell you that for the first time Teachers’ Day was celebrated in the year 1962.

Therefore it will not be wrong to say that the importance of teacher is even much greater then person who has given birth to us because the teacher is one who imparts us knowledge, makes us a person, and gives a way to life to live without expectations.

About Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan

He was born in a poor family in Tamil Nadu despite financially weak, he had a lot of interest in studies. He took his initial education at Gauri School of Tiruvallur and Tirupati Mission School. Then he completed his further studies from Madras Christian College. In year 1916, he took his masters degree of Master of Arts (M.A.) from Philosophy subject. Later became Assistant Professor of the same subject i.e. Philosophy at Madras Residency College.

At the age of 16, he got marriaged with Sevakamu in 1903. In order to his excellent contribution in the field of education and politics in 1954, he was honored by Indian Government. Before jumping into politics, he gave his 40 years of his life in teaching and served the nation as teacher. He believed that the person without education one can never reach to their destination. Therefore, it is being very important to have a teacher in human life.

After receiving Independence in the year 1947, Jawaharlan Nehru urged Radhakrishnan to fulfill diplomatic work with the Soviet Union as Ambassador of country. By 1952, he remains and served the nation at the same position but after that he was appointed as first Vice President of India. After the end of Rajendra Prasad’s tenure which ended in 1962, he was made India’s second President of our country. He passed away after being ill for a long time in April 17, 1975.

How’s Teacher’s Day is celebrated?

Earlier, on this day there was no orthodox study in schools, no classes, no schedules and no time tables were followed. Only there is celebration, programs and various events which is organized by the students. On this day, students give gifts to their teachers and take their blessings. One can observe many different types of cultural activities in which students and teachers participate together. Teachers – disciple take a resolve to maintain tradition and students takes oath that they will give respect, become obedient and loyal towards their teachers.

But in this COVID-19 era, schools, colleges, coaching, educational institutes are shut down. So this year, the celebration would also take part in digital form. Students can connect their teachers via different applications such as Jio Meet, Google Meet, Zoom etc. and wish them and can organize online events as well.

Students can plan surprise for teachers by connecting with alumni and other favourite person of teachers to make them feel special.

One can also send gifts by ordering them online and get delivered at teacher’s place. Gifts may include Cake, gadgets, clothing, decorative items or anything which may be of use for them.

It is very important day not only for students and teachers but also for the society too as it is a teacher who brings awareness in the society. On this day, we should give honor to them and appreciate their effort. Without a teacher, one can’t imagine themselves as doctor, engineer or at any reputed individual. Students dreams of becoming successful can not become true in real life without them.

Do you know that UNESCO chose October 5 to celebrate ‘Teacher’s Day’ in official form. Now in more than 100 countries, this day is celebrated as ‘Teacher’s Day’. In the end, it will not be wrong to say that the day of September 5 is not only in the form of Dr. Radhakrishnan’s birthday but also to honor the teachers and to awaken consciousness towards education.

Importance of Teacher

The place of teacher is above the parents and even God. We get birth from parents, but only the teacher teaches us how to live in life, to succeed. A teacher is not the only one who teaches us only in schools, colleges, they are also the one who teaches us the art of living. Gurus have their own importance in the life of all of us. Everyone wants to achieve success, but only teacher is one who teach us to walk those stairs of success.

What does a teacher mean to a student and to his or her life? Every word will fall short to answer this question. They are the one who pulls out a student from dark unknown world and prepare them to fight with evils and hardships of the society. Other than our parents, they are the one who prays for us. They are the one who never ever think against of us, as because their one and only motive is see a student being successful.

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