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Top Waterfalls to visit in Mirzapur

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves exploring thrilling natural wonders? Are you looking for an adventure trip with your friends near Mirzapur? If yes, then stick to your position and start scrolling the page because we are going to enlist here Top waterfalls to visit in Mirzapur. Visiting these majestic waterfalls will bring an opportunity to experience some of the most spectacular sights on earth. There are many Waterfalls that are filled with such awe-inspiring beauty, capturing what’s best about being alive on this magnificent. Whenever we listen to the word Mirzapur, an image of Kaleen Bhaiya & Munna Bhaiya strikes to our mind But Mirzapur is not only known by those Web Series. It has its own iconic worth. Barkachha Hill, situated 8 km from the Mirzapur city is covered with lush greenery having many soul thrilling waterfalls which will surely help you to recreate yourself if you are a nature lover.

Windom Fall:

It Situated in Kotwa Pandey region, the water in fall comes from the upper Khajuri to lower Khajuri and finally it merges with the Ganges River in the Chunar region. The waterfalls continuously and is collected in a pond at the base. The fall is surrounded by rocks and lush greenery all around. The rocks & the variety of flora, make it seems like a magical spot. It makes a perfect goal for a trip with friends and family and makes feel rejuvenated. To enjoy the best view and witness it in all its glory, Windom fall must be visited during monsoon when the water is flowing in all its might. But it is a little bit dangerous, so moving inside the water should be avoided. Local shops are available near the Windom fall and various tea stalls are also available. There is a parking area outside the main entrance which is look-after and maintained by the forest department. Inside the fall’s main gate, there is a park for the kids known as Wyndham park being made in the year 1976, 15th August and inaugurated by R S Shukla (IAS) forest secretary. There is a giant slider created in the form of a beautiful elephant is the main attraction for children. A variety of swings and sliders are also present inside the park. The noise of the falling water gives a soothing peace and joy. The flora and fauna around the Windom fall are like an additional advantage for people who love nature.

Sirsi Fall:

It is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the Mirzapur district which is constructed cross the Sirsi river. After traversing some distance from the Dam, the water falls down from a greater height, thus forming a waterfall named Sirsi Waterfall. The beautiful picnic spot, a reservoir with Vindhya ranges in the backdrop provides a peaceful atmosphere for these seeking solitude. Sirsi Dam, generally flocked by Avian species from all over the world especially from Siberia, adds to its beauty. It can also be served as one of the best picnic spots for refreshments.

Tanda Fall:

It is one of the most lovable picnic spots for the people & students living in nearby places. Tanda fall is situated about 14 km from Mirzapur, visited frequently by tourists round the year. The flora & fauna around the waterfall gives a rejoicing feeling & soul squeezing pleasure. Besides a beautiful water stream opposite to the falls, there is a scenic reservoir, called Tanda Dam, constructed around 86 years ago, serves as a chief water supply source in the area.  Adding this waterfall in your bucket list could be a good decision if you are a travel enthusiast.

Lakhaniya Dari Waterfalls

At a distance of 54 km from Varanasi, It is a breathtaking waterfall situated near Ahraura in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the majestic waterfalls in Uttar Pradesh and also among the best places to visit in Mirzapur. The falls look more picturesque and magnificent during monsoon when it is full of water. Lakhaniya Dari waterfalls fall down from a height of about 150 m into a pool. Waters of this fall are stored in Ahraura Dam which is used for irrigation purposes in surrounding village farms and fields. It is a picnic spot for families and a small adventure for trekkers.

Visitors need to trek 2-3 km from the entry gate to reach the main waterfall. They need to cross huge rocks, rivulets, jungles, etc. and it takes around one and a half hours. It is a lonely place and very fewer people do trekking for the main waterfall, prefer going in groups only. Try to cover this place in day time only. Do carry your own food as there is no eating joint nearby.

The water is very deep and rocks are mysterious. If you are a peace-loving then this place is for you but keep in mind that every year there are cases when people get into the water and then never come back. So if you want to get into the water, walk some distance towards downstream and then do whatever you want.

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