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Asteroid hitting earth
Asteroid hitting earth

Fact Check: Will World End on 29th April?

Fact Check: Will World End on 29th April?: Hey, haven’t you all heard about the news that our world is going to end on 29th of this month? So, if you all have read or heard about this news then don’t you wish to figure out the fact. If you want to, then just keep scrolling and get all your questions answered here in this blog and find the truth.

During the time of such a deadly disease, the whole world is already facing a lot of problems. Now citizens are hit by the fear of a celestial object. Nowadays on social media, a piece of news with a video is becoming viral with the caption ‘The World will come to an end on 29th April 2020’.

What is this news about?

I know you all are in a great confusion regarding this news. After many types of research, we have found that this news has first appeared on Daily Express. As per NASA, an asteroid which is officially called 52768 (1998 OR2) is expected to fly past on Earth on 29th of this month at a distance of about 4 million miles which can hit our planet. This news with a video and the caption The World is about to end is becoming viral nowadays on Facebook. The news is creating a lot of chaos and sensation among the viewers.

What will happen on April 29th 2020?

The most probable question in the minds of all the readers must be what actually going to happen on 29th of this month? On 29th April an asteroid is going to fly by earth. Earlier in March NASA said an asteroid thought to be in 1.1 and 2.5 miles in width pass by the earth. The asteroid was first spotted in 1998 and will be going at 19,461 km on 29th of this month.

Will the World actually come to an end?

I think you all are must be curious to know that will the world actually end? We are listening to this kind of fake news from decades and on various dates but most of the dates already passed. Yes, obviously people died but not because of all these but by other reasons on the same dates. So, this time also nothing has changed. As an empty mind is devil’s workshop, during this lockdown when people have nothing to do, some have created this fake news. There is nothing to worry about this.

Is this a rumour?

Now you all must be thinking that is this the rumour? No, not the whole news is a rumour. Only the news that the world will come to an end is a rumour. It is totally correct that an asteroid is going to pass the earth on 29th of this April.

Fact check of the news

According to NASA, the asteroid is referred to as ‘potentially hazardous’ only because it fulfils specific criteria in the NASA classification scheme. NASA is continuously monitoring the trajectory speed and distance of the asteroid. When NASA discovered this asteroid for the very first time in 1998 from then it is observing its every movement.

Every data related to this asteroid is available publicly. The NASA has declared that this asteroid will pass safely Earth by 3.9 million miles/ 6.2 million km. So, the news displaying any kind of warning related to this asteroid is totally fake and misleading.

Can we have a look of the asteroid?

The diameter of the asteroid is estimated to be 1.8 km to 4.1 km. Its speed will be around 20000 miles per hour. So, we can’t see the asteroid. Professional observatories can see the asteroid with the help of the telescope. However, amateurs astronomers with smaller telescopes can also see this as a slow-moving star. Closest approach will be on April 29 around 5:56 a.m.

So, I just hope that you got all your doubts and confusions clear after reading this blog. There is nothing to worry about the rumour regarding the end of this world. So, Stay Safe and Stay at your place to fight corona and don’t pay attention to such kind of fake news.

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