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World Population Day
World Population Day

World Population Day 2020: History, Significance and more

Hey, as I think, most of us are already aware of the “World Population Day” i.e. celebrated on 11th of July every year but have you ever thought about its history? How did this day come into existence or what is the reason behind the celebration of this day and what is the importance of this day? If not, don’t worry. In this blog, you are going to get the answers of all such questions. So there is no need to go anywhere now or make any google searches etc. Just keep scrolling…

History behind World Population Day

The most interesting fact is the history behind this day. There is nothing such kind of history that we usually expect such as it is a birth or death anniversary of someone or something great happened to like the signing of any pact or important law has been made on this day and so on. It was nothing like that. The story or history behind this day was that it was established by the United Nations Development Programme in 1989 after getting inspired by the public interest. This day came into existence because on this day, in the year 1989, the world’s population reached five billion. The day was then suggested by Dr K.C. Zachariah who worked as Sr Demographer at the world bank. Since then the day is celebrated every year.

Significance of Population Day

We all are curious to know that why it is important to celebrate this day or what is the significance of World Population day. It is very obvious that such questions hit our mind and when we don’t get any proper answer, we ignore them. But this day has its great importance and significance and cannot be ignored as it raises awareness regarding the importance of family planning, adoption, poverty, maternal health care, human rights, gender equality and poverty. It also gives us an alarming siren that how adverse the effects of mass population could be on our delicate ecosystem.

This year, in 2020, it is more important to create awareness about this as due to the outbreak of pandemic and extended lockdown the population will increase rapidly due to unplanned pregnancies. According to the research of the United Nations Population Fund, it is said that if countries remained lockdown for more than 6 months, it can severely disrupt the health services. So, this year, it is very important to create awareness for the same.

Theme of the year 2020

Every year a particular theme for World Population Day is decided by the United Nations Development Programme to shed light on a particular issue. This year, the theme is centred around the health and rights of women and girls. During this crucial period of COVID-19 with unemployment the rise of women well-being and health is on the stake not only from the pandemic but also from the gender-based violence. So, keeping all this in mind and to aware the citizens regarding such a concerning issue the theme has been selected.

Celebration of World Population Day

Each year various programmes are organized at different places highlighting the significance of this day. These programmes include symposiums, workshops, debates, speeches, plays etc. But this year due to the lockdowns and social distancing all this cannot take place. Still, there are many other ways by which we can celebrate this World Population Day such as organizing online webinars, workshops, quizzes and so on. There are also many other ways by which we can spread awareness about this day such as sharing various pictures, quotes, images etc. that highlight the alarming issues generated by the increase in population

I just hope that you all found the article interesting and worth reading. So, just try to spread awareness about the adverse effects of increasing population as much as you can. Not only on this particular day but also with each passing day we should try to spread awareness regarding such serious social issues.

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