Bachelor of Vocation in Food Processing and Management

Food Processing and Management
Food Processing and Management

Nowadays all over the world, food processing sector has a large prospective for the socio economic growth and development by creating many job opportunities and income generation in rural areas too and thus reducing the freight on agricultural sector. This sector serves as a crucial linkage between agricultural and industrial sector.

Name of the course- Bachelor of Vocation Food Processing and Management

Type- Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc)

Duration- 3 years

Eligibility- 10+2 or equivalent in Science stream or Home science stream

Food processing is a wide ranging term in itself, which comprises processing  manufacturing,  preservation, packaging and marketing of different food items.

Food processing and management is a bifurcation of food science. Basically it is a modern practice in which a set of methods and techniques are applied to transform raw components into food for safe utilization by humans or animals. It improves distributional efficiency and enhances the marketing of the food products.

At present, in our country food industries are gaining popularity as the consumer food industry. The recent food processing procedures consists of modern techniques and technologies. It involves a combination of procedures to gain the intend changes to the raw materials. These are conveniently grouped as unit operations, each of which has a specific, identifiable and predictable effect on a food .

It is a three year degree program which offers specialization in processing of numerous food products.  The module is detailed with a suited blend of general education and skill development, fashioned for certain specific careers in food processing industry.

The course is embedded with content which endows nurturing skill component in the aspirant. It comprises theory as well as practical on annual basis which conveys appropriate and consistent knowledge to the food processing industry.

The candidates are exposed to project work and job training in the industry as well. The students will be confronted with the experiences of the various visiting guests faculty from the food processing and conservation industries.


A candidate willing to seek admission in B.Voc in FPM has passed 10+2 or equivalent, in any stream or NSQF certificate or any other equivalent examination recognized by the university securing at least 50% marks in aggregate.

Duration of Course

3 years

B.Voc in FPM is a vocational training program. It stands for Bachelor of Vocation in Food Processing and Manaement. This course is of 3 years long in duration. This training program provides multiple exit options such as –

  • Diploma after completion of 1 year.
  • Advanced Diploma after completion of 2 years.
  • Bachelor’s Degree after completion of 3 years.

Procedure of Admission

  • BHU conduct its Under Graduate Entrance test (BHU-UET) for taking admission in various UG courses. Entrance form will be available on the official website ( ) in the month of Jan-Feb, every year.
  • Its link is also available on the BHU website (
  • The candidate has to fill the application form online (Sending form via mail or other mode will not be entertained.)
  • An email will be sent on the registered email I’d regarding counselling and other details to the candidates who have applied for the course.
  • Accordingly, Candidate can proceed further for Admission procedure.

Total number of Seats

There are total number of 62 seats available for admission in DDU Kaushal Kendra, Rajiv Gandhi South Campus, Barkachha, BHU.

Fees Structure

University Fee: Rs.1981/- per semester +

Special Course Fee: Rs.13,000/- per semester +

Assessment Fees: Rs.5000/- (One Time)



  1. Bakery and confectionery technology
  2. Principles of food preservation
  3. Food chemistry
  4. Communication skills in English
  5. Food science and Nutrition
  6. Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management
  7. Dairy Technology
  8. Packaging Technology
  9. Sanitation and Hygiene
  10. Letter Writing and Presentation Skills
  11. Business Communications
  12. Processing of Fish, Meat and Egg products
  13. Processing of Plantation crops and species
  14. Fermented Foods
  15. Chemical and Microbial Analysis of food
  16. Food Microbiology
  17. Food Additives and Flavour Technology
  18. Business Management
  19. Processing of Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds
  20. Beverage Technology
  21. Food product Design and Development
  22. Food Plant Designing
  23. By product utilization and waste management
  24. Marketing Management
  25. Processing of Fruits and Vegetable Processing
  26. Engineering Properties of Food
  27. Sensory Evaluation of Foods
  28. Food processing Equipments
  29. Computer Applications
  30. Product and Brand Management
  31. Unit operation in food industries
  32. Food quality assurance
  33. Emerging technologies in food industries
  34. Food service management
  35. Personality Development



  • M.Voc in Food Processing and Management
  • M.Sc in Food Science
  • MBA
  • MBA(Agribusiness)



There are various job opportunities in this food sector. Food processing industries are one of the major employment generating segment.

With aptitude to work and required skills one can find job as:-

  1. Research Scientists -Their main concern is regarding amplifying yield, flavour, nutritive value etc. Of packaged foods for their greater acceptance among consumers.
  2. Production department –There is an opportunity to work as production manager and supervisor.
  3. Food Technologists- The basic task of a food technologist is to recommend techniques for preservation, conservation and processing of food components to be packaged.
  4. Biochemists- Biochemists take care of the flavour, texture , storage and quality of food product.
  5. Engineers- They look after the tasks related to organizing, arranging, refining, upgrading, and prolonging the entire processing system of a unit.
  6. Organic chemists- They make sure that the method used for conversion of raw goods to processed food is appropriate
  7. Analytical chemists- They work as grade examiner, quality checker. Analytical chemists  certify prime quality packaged goods and beverages.
  8. Home economists- Verifying the proper instructions to be followed on the containers and the food products contained in it.
  9. Managers and accountants- Apart from scientific executive, non-technical jobs such as management of the processing unit and in the supervision of the production methodology.


Like other vocational training programs, this also helps to develop appropriate skills among students.  After graduating in the course, student become accomplished in different areas of food processing sector. The module gives proper importance to practical training . Being a vocational training program it comprises lab sessions, practical sessions and project works.

In India, Some of the leading food processing industries have come up with joint collaborations with MNCs, providing employment opportunities.

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  • Article by- Smriti Singh


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