BHU Entrance 2020: Revised Timetable
BHU Entrance 2020: Revised Timetable

BHU Entrance 2020: Revised Timetable Released, Read Here

BHU Entrance 2020: The time table for the examination for admission in Banaras Hindu University (BHU) undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) was released on Tuesday.

This year, Banaras Hindu University will conduct its entrance exam in two phases. Phases-I will run from 24 to 31 August. During this period, there will be entrance examinations for postgraduate courses and graduate-level LLB, B.Ed / B.Ed Special Education and B.Ed., BFA and BPA courses. On the first day on the 24th, there will be an examination for various MA languages.

BHU Entrance 2020: PET Revised Timetable

M. A. in Arabic – (Code 431)
M.A. in Chinese – (Code 432)
M. A. in French – (Code 434)
M. A. in German – (Code 435)
M. A. in Nepali – (Code 436)
M. A. in Persian – (Code 437)
M. A. in Hindi – (Code 440)
M. A. in Marathi – (Code 442)
M. A. in Telugu – (Code 443)
M. A. in Urdu – (Code 444)
M. A. in Pali – (Code 445)
M. A. in Sanskrit – (Code 446)
M.Sc. in Physics – (Code 481)
24th August 20202 hours
Acharaya in Shukla Yajurveda (Code 281)
Acharaya in Krishna Yajurveda (Code 282)
Acharaya in Samveda (Code 283)
Acharaya in Rigveda(Code 284)
Acharaya in Vyakarana (Code 285)
Acharaya in Sahitya (Code 286)
Acharaya in Jyotish (Ganit) (Code 287)
Acharaya in Jyotish (Falit) (Code 288)
Acharaya in Dharmagama (Code 289)
Acharaya in Dharmashastra (Code 290)
Acharaya in Jain Darshan (Code 291)
Acharaya in Vedanta (Code 292)
Acharaya in Puranetihas (Code 293)
Acharaya in Sankhyayoga (Code 294)
Acharaya in Prachin Nyaya (Code 295)
Acharaya in Nyaya Vaisheshika (Code 296)
Acharaya in Mimansa (Code 297)
Acharaya in Baudha Darshan (Code 298)
M. A. in A.I.H.C. & Arch. – (Code 448)
M.A. in History of Art – (Code 449)
M.A. in Museology – (Code 453)
M.Sc. in Environmental Science – (Code 489)
24th August 20202 hours
M. A. in English – (Code 433)
M. A. in Bengali – (Code 439)
24th August 20202 hours
M.A./M.Sc in Mathematics

M.Sc in Mathematics & Computing

24th August 20202 hours
M.Sc. (Ag) – (Code 340)
M.Sc. (Ag.)/M.Tech. in Dairy Technology (Code 715)
24th August 20202 hours
M.Sc in Botany

M.A./M.Sc in Psychology

M.A./M.Sc in Geography

25th August 20202 hours
M.Com. – (Code 470)
M. Sc. in Bioinformatics – (Code 493)
25th August 20202 hours
Master of Vocation in Food Processing &
Management – (Code 705)
Master of Vocation in Medical Laboratory Technology
– (Code 710)
25th August 20202 hours
M.Ed. (Spl. VI) – (Code 391)
M.Sc. in Biochemistry – (Code 487)
M.A./M.Sc. in Home Science – (Code 494)
25th August 20202 hours
M.B.A Commerce (Financial Management/Foreign
Trade/Risk Insurance) – (Code 385)
26th August 20202 hours
M.Sc./M.Tech. in Food Technology – (Code 354)
M. A. in History- (Code 460)
M. A. in Political Science – (Code 461)
26th August 20202 hours
M. A. in Sociology – (Code 462)
M.A. in Education – (Code 701)
26th August 20202 hours
M. A. in Indian Philosophy and Religion (Code 450)
M.A. in Philosophy (Code 451)
26th August 20202 hours
M.Sc, (Ag.) in Soil Science – Soil and Water Conservation – (Code 702)
M.C.A. – (Code 492)
26th August 20202 hours
M.A in Mass Communication – (Code 452)
M.Library & Information Science – (Code 456)
M.A. in Manuscriptology & Paleography – (Code 458)
M.A in Public Administration – (Code 464)
M.A. in IRDM – (Code 703)
M.A. in Anthropology – (Code 707)
M.A. in Social Exclusion & Inclusion Policy- (Code 708)
M.A in Energy Economics – (Code 709)
M.A. in Heritage Management – (Code 714)
27th August 20202 hours
M. A. in Economics – (Code 466)
M.Sc. (Ag.) in Agro-forestry – (Code 473)
M.Sc. in Applied Microbiology – (Code 488)
M.Sc. (Tech) in Geophysics – (Code 491)
27th August 20202 hours
M.Sc. in Health Statistics – (Code 275)
M.A./ Statistics – (Code 496)
M.Sc. in Statistics and Computing – (Code 501)
27th August 20202 hours
Master of Agri-Business Management (Ag.) – (Code
M.Sc. in Chemistry – (Code 482)
M.Sc. in Geology – (Code 483)
M.Sc. in Zoology – (Code 484)
M.Sc. in Computer Science – (Code 486)
28th August 20202 hours
M.A. Prayojanmoolak Hindi (Patrakarita) – (Code 454)
M.Sc. in Computational Science and Applications –
(Code 471)
M.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water
Conservation Engineering) – (Code 355)
M.Sc. in Plant Biotechnology – (Code 356)
M.Ed. – (Code 390)
28th August 20202 hours
LL.M. (1-year)/ LL.M.(2 Year)/LL.M. (HRDE) – (Code 475)28th August 20202 hours
MBA in Agri-Business – (Code 381)
Master of Tourism & Travel Management – (Code 455)
Master in Corporate Communication Management –
(Code 459)
M.A in Social Work– (Code 463)
Master of Personnel Management and Industrial
Relation (MPMIR) – (Code 465)
Master in Conflict Management Development– (Code
Master of Vocation in Retail & Logistics Management
– (Code 704)
Master of Vocation in Hospital and Tourism Management – (Code 706)
28th August 20202 hours
M.Sc. in Forensic Science – (Code 472)
M.A. in Linguistics – (Code 447)
30th August 20202 hours
M.F.A (Theory) Painting – (Code 360)
M.F.A (Theory) Applied Arts – (Code 361)
M.F.A (Theory) Plastic Arts – (Code 362)
M.F.A (Theory) Pottery & Ceramics –(Code 363)
M.F.A (Theory) Textile– (Code 364)
31st August 20202 hours
M.P.Ed. (Theory) – (Code 457)
MPA- Vocal – (Code 366)
MPA- Instrumental Sitar-(Code 367)
MPA- Instrumental Violin- (Code 368)
MPA- Instrumental Flute-(Code 369)
MPA – Tabla – (Code 370)
MPA- Dance – Kathak–(Code 371)
MPA- Dance – Bharatnatyam–(Code 372)
31st August 20202 hours
M. Sc. in Environmental Sciences (Environmental Technology) – (Code 480)
M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences (Earth &
Atmospheric Sciences) – (Code 713)
M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences (Ecological
Sciences) – (Code 713)
M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences (Environmental
Biotechnology) – (Code 713)
31st August 20202 hours

The second phase will take place from 9 to 18 September. It consists of the remaining graduate-level courses – BA (Hons) Arts, Social Sciences, BCom (Hons) / BCom-FMM, BSc (Hons) AG, BA LLB (Hons), BSc (Hons) Maths, BSc (Hons) Bio, Shastri (Hons) and examinations will be conducted for admission to various courses in B.Voc.

BHU Entrance 2020: UET Revised Timetable

L.L.B. (Hons.)27th August 20202 hours
B.Ed. Mathematics (Code No. 567)

B.Ed. – Special Education Mathematics (Code No. 718) [102]

B.Ed. Humanities and Social Sciences (Code No.568)

B. Ed. – Special Education Humanities and Social Sciences (Code No. 719) [103]

30th August 20202.30 hours
B.Ed. Language (Code No.564)

B.Ed. – Special Education Language (Code No.716) [105]

B.Ed. Science (Code No.565)/B.Ed. – Special Education Science (Code No.717) [104]


30th August 20202.30 hours
B.P.Ed. (Theory) (Code No.152)31st August 20201.30 hours
B.F.A.* (Theory) (Code – 180)31st August 20201 hours
BPA* Instrumental Sitar (Code No.171)

B.F.A.* (Theory) (Code – 180)

BPA* Instrumental Sitar (Code No.171)

BPA* Instrumental Flute (Code No.172)

BPA* Instrumental Violin (Code No.173)

BPA Tabla (Code No. 174)

BPA* Indian Classical Dance -Kathak (Code No.175)

BPA* Indian Classical Dance- Bharatnatyam (Code No.176)

BPA* North Indian Classical Vocal (Code No.177)

31st August 20202 hours


B.Com. (Hons.)/ B.Com. (Hons.) Financial Markets Management (Code No.133)9th September 20202.30 hours
B. Sc. (Hons.) Biology (Code – 182)9th September 20202.30 hours
Bachelor of Vocation (Retail & Logistics Management)

Bachelor of Vocation (Hospitality & Tourism Management)

Bachelor of Vocation (Fashion Design & Event Management)

Bachelor of Vocation (Modern Office Management)

10th September 20202 hours
B.Sc. (Hons.) Maths (Code-181)10th September 20202.30 hours
B.A. LL.B (Hons.)-(5 Year) (Code No.137)11th September 20202 hours
B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. (Code -135)11th September 20202 hours
B.Voc. in Food Processing & Management

B.Voc. in Medical Lab Technology

14th September 20202 hours
B.A. (Hons.) Arts – (Code No.131)

B.A. (Social Sciences)- (Code No.132)

14th September 20202 hours
Shastri (Hons.) (Code No. 187)18th September 20201.30 hours

The information about the time table for entrance examination is being made available on BHU’s entrance examination portal As per the provisions of the admission information booklet, candidates can download their admit card from the entrance examination portal, one week before the exam date.

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